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Sometimes, the environment we are in can change who we are. There’s a certain magic that has a hand in watching an incredible performance, making something you’re proud of, or having a good time. That magic is what we think will make you fall in love with The Lotus, our multipurpose venue.

Floating at around 820 square feet, the room holds a max occupancy of 70 people. With two main exits and a door to our control room, as well as motion and entry detection enabled security systems, everyone can breathe easy knowing that they are safe. A large, double window looks into the control room, where you’ll see our record ready console and rack mounted effects processors. In short, plug your mics directly into the wall, and smile knowing that whatever audio you’re about to perform is going to sound great, and can be professionally recorded for a releasable live album or whatever else you might want to do.

The space isn’t just for music, though. We want to see everything that the community has to offer come through the doors, including workshops, lessons, recitals, art battles, theater, and more. In order for this to happen, a certain level of ownership needs to be given to our community. That’s why members of the Efflor ARC in good standing will often be approached to become program coordinators, so that they can plan events and make the space their own.

The Lotus is constantly evolving to fit our communities needs. We are hard at work to make the space the best it can be, both functionally and visually. We’ve gone ahead and installed dimmable daylight temperature LED pot lights into our ceiling, which render colors really well, but more importantly makes the space more comfortable to folks with epilepsy or migraines triggered by tube lighting. Our ceiling is made from drop tiling, and is fully insulated. This means that the room sounds really great, so no worrying about a horrible echo ruining whatever you’re up to. We’ve also painted the walls without any distracting colors, so your work is sure to be the star of the show.

Curious about our space? Have ideas about how we could improve it? Interested in hosting or seeing certain events? Visit our Contact page and let us know! We’d love to talk it over with you.

artist resources

One of the biggest barriers the arts community faces is lacking the resources necessary to make their ideas come to fruition. That’s why the Efflor ARC is constantly working to grow its pool of resources. We believe that though gear is often a necessary tool in the creation of art, it should be a source of inspiration and comfort. Changing our communities mindset from “I can’t because I need-” to “I want this because I could make something amazing” is worth all of the work it takes to offer the library of tools that we do.

Our future resource road map is directly influenced by the needs of our community. Visit our Contact page and shoot us an email if there’s something you or your community needs to make the world a better place through creation, and we will take note.

Take a look at what we currently have to offer:

Audio Production

Visual Art

education &


Peace of mind is deserved by everyone. Artists shouldn’t have to stress or endure in order to better themselves or what they create.

With that in mind, we work tirelessly to make our space as stress free as possible. Educators of all disciplines will find a caring space for them to perform their practice, with a wonderful, comfortable, and safe facility. We have a child protection policy that we’re quite proud of, and the resources and space to make sure workshops, lessons, performances, and more go smoothly. You’re covered, we’re covered.

With a non-profit, community centered mindset, we aim to make educating and learning as accessible as possible. We aren’t a business looking to make a profit off of our community. Educators receive a professional space with resources that let them take their work to the next level for a small portion of their earnings so that we can keep the lights on. Students receive accessible rates, so that there isn’t any barrier to learning. Need to host a recital? Use our in house venue. Want to start a program or workshop with a larger attendance? We’ve got room for it. There’s no raw end of the deal here, just transparency, accessibility for people of all walks of life, and hassle free education.

There are, however, artists who’s empowerment doesn’t require education currently. We believe the best way to facilitate their growth is to offer them trust, and resources. When artists come through our doors, they immediately start with our trust to use our space. In the future, we may approach them to become programming contributors so that they can use the space to facilitate all ages punk shows, pop up shows, art galleries, zine fairs, band practice, recording time for an album, or whatever else they can think of. In the future, we hope our space will mainly consist of programming that our community is facilitating. This space isn’t for us, it’s for you.

We’re so happy to be located inside of, and partners with the Five Eleven Youth and Family Center, an inclusive, non-religious non-profit organization with no bias or agenda other than to improve the lives of everyone around them. They enable us to be in a zero tolerance, drug and alcohol free space. When we say all ages, we mean it. We also have a security system with full motion and entry detection, so that we can use the space without any worry of safety. With many of the people around and in our space trained in mental health first aid, first aid and CPR, Naloxone administration, and more. That’s why in our space, we breathe easy, and you can too.

If you are an educator considering teaching out of the Efflor ARC, or someone wondering what the Efflor ARC can offer them, visit our Contact page and drop us a line.